Statement (March, 2020)

I’m interested in my surroundings and I would like to share what I see with others. Painting is a method in which I record my point of view. It is a way of seeing and reproducing reality.

But the definition of „seeing“  is never clear. Therefore defining what I see, is also a process. 

It is important to analyze „seeing". When I see I am affected by several factors, such as the object, my relation to the object, my memory, cultural background and my feelings. 

On the other hand, I also think about „what I cannot see“. It builds the negative space to „what I see“ and it contributes to the conception of reality. 

It’s good to note that I can always see a part of the entire world, and there are some things I cannot see; intentionally or unintentionally.

Although I work mainly with paintings,  seeing might be  expressed by points, lines, planes or multi-dimensionally. So it can be expressed more than in the form of a  painting. It can be visualized through videos or sculptures. I take time to think deeply about these aspects and translate „what I see" precisely with the materials in my work.  

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